Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies established the Political Committee LAAIAPC, a voluntary, nonprofit political committee. The LAAIAPC allows insurance industry professionals to support initiatives in Florida that fight insurance fraud and promote policies that foster a strong insurance marketplace while protecting the insured public and policyholders. Further, the LAAIAPC supports the election of business-minded professionals that are aligned with the views and mission of the LAAIA and its members.

State legislative and governmental activity has a great effect on your business as an insurance professional. In order to participate in the political process, it is necessary to contribute in a meaningful way to help effect change, support anti-fraud initiatives, elect, and keep elected, legislators who are our friends. The more you contribute, the more effective LAAIAPC can be in representing our interests. We encourage participation in the political process through our annual legislative Fly-in and ongoing initiatives. In addition to your contribution, please also provide any suggestions, information on issues that are affecting the consumers we serve and our industry. Politics is a year-round business and LAAIAPC encourages everyone’s support to continue making our presence felt in Tallahassee.

LAAIAPC is incorporated in the State of Florida and registered with the State Division of Elections. All contributions are welcome; however, they are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Membership is on a voluntary basis for individuals and agencies.